Committee Meetings

The committee meets every 2 months to discuss issues, receive advice, make decisions about various matters relating to the BPA. These meetings are vital to the effective functioning of the committee and its ability to carry out its role. They are the means by which the Committee exercises its collective responsibility for leading the organisation.

Some of this information is sensitive and confidential. However, the committee is committed to best practices governance. We value open and accountable communication with BPA members and the industry as a whole.

committee meetings british pearl association

Following each committee meeting, the President will issue communication that communicates an overview of the current issues and information considered by the


We believe strongly that open, honest communication is clearly identified. Articulated goals and a willingness to work collaboratively with all levels of the pearl industry, interested groups and the broader community is the best way to secure the growth of UK pearl gems and pearl suppliers.

Our Effective Committee Meetings ensure we are:
1. As an organisation were are being productive.
2. Discussing and making decisions on proposals.
3. Deciding on management and governance systems.
3. Members of the Committee are able to report.
4. Monitoring and reviewing progress towards meeting the aims of the BPA.
5.Ensuring all activities are consistent with our missions and aims.
6. We delegate work effectively.
7. Planning for the future and identifying new opportunities.

However, each individual meeting may focus on one or more of these issues. Our common methods for making decisions are by consensus or by taking a vote. Each committee member has a contribution to make to effective meetings. We encourage all committee members to prepare for meetings and to attend all meetings.