Caring for your Pearls

Caring for your Pearls

Pearls, like all the natural and precious gems, need specialist care and attention to prolong their life and to preserve their natural beauty as long as possible. If you look after them correctly you will have them for life!



Because of their sensitive and delicate nature, the wearer must pay attention to the cleaning of pearls, follow these simple tips to preserve their beauty:

  • Use only specific cleaners for pearls, ensure they do not contain ammonia, which ruins the pearl.
  • Never use ultrasonic cleaners or steam-processes to clean them;
  • It’s not advisable to wear pearls with rough materials;
  • Keep away from anything acidic as acid can cause cracks in the nacre:
  • Use a very soft polishing cloth like the one below from Mr Town Talk Polish to maintain their lustre.


pearl cleaning


  •  If worn often, pearls should be restrung once a year with silk thread and  knot between every pearl to avoid rubbing against each other, which will ruin  eventually cause cracks and damage to the nacre.  Lots of our members are professional pearl re-stringers. Email us at for further details.
  • Avoid using any rough or scratchy materials:
  •  Don’t wear them when they are still wet but lay them flat on a soft cloth/towel and let them dry:
  • Always use a soft cloth to polish your pearls (like the one above);
  • Put on your pearl jewellery after applying your perfume, makeup, hairspray etc.
  • It is best to avoid wearing your pearls for swimming or exposing them to excess heat. Pearls obviously love water but it’s the silk or thread that isn’t too keen on water!



  • Remove after wearing and wipe with a soft cloth before storing;
  • When travelling, transport your pearls in a pearl box case to avoid any rubbing and damage.
  •  If possible, use a special pearl coil box to store your pearls in order to protect them.  We love the boxes below to store your pearls in.
  •  Store them in a dry place.




Pearls are a delicate and sensitive, but they do need to be worn often- as they can suffer from neglect!