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A precious strand ties Adriano’s story to that of the pearl. It is his pure passion for this wonderful gem that brought him his deep knowledge of the pearl.

Adriano’s desire was to want to look closely at the origins of the pearl;. to understand the culture and recognize its authentic beauty.

He has travelled all over he world to be in the same places and among the same people who guard the secret of this miracle of harmony.

This passion and experience, combined with his studies,  led him to this special place. One where he enjoys sharing his pleasure and knowledge with all those who love this gem and its’ natural perfection.

Adriano  selects, certifies and buys pearls directly in those countries that saw the birth and then offers them to people who love them unconditionally.

Adriano is today, through its new brand Genisi Perls, a fine jewellery maker in which the pearl is the undisputed star

In addition, he devotes himself to his business and for twenty years he has been a consultant in purchasing pearls.

His vast experience in the field guarantees that the purchase is protected.

Adriano also offers its expertise to professionals, the media and end users making himself available for courses, conferences, speeches and interviews about the magical and fascinating world of pearls.


Skype: adry_chan


Genisi Pearls