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The Gemmological Association of Great Britain, or Gem-A, is the world’s longest established provider of gem and jewellery education. Our world-famous Gemmology and Diamond Diplomas, taught in five different languages and in 18 countries around the world, are internationally recognized as gemmological qualifications of the highest status. Graduates of our Gemmology and Diamond Diplomas can apply for FGA and DGA Membership of Gem-A respectively; recognised as symbols of educational excellence, integrity and professionalism within the gems and jewellery trade.

Gem-A forms an international community of gem professionals and enthusiasts. With our commitment to high educational standards, we serve the interests of the gem and jewellery industries and support gemmological research worldwide. In addition to our educational programmes we provide membership opportunities, an on-site and online shop for the purchasing of quality gemmological instruments, events and conferences throughout the year, as well as two internationally distributed publications, Gems&Jewellery and The Journal of Gemmology.

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Founded to regulate the craft or trade of the goldsmith, the Goldsmiths’ Company has been responsible since 1300 for testing the quality of gold, silver and, from 1975, platinum articles. In 2010 Palladium was brought into this regime. The word hallmark originates from the fifteenth century when London craftsmen were first required to bring their artefacts to Goldsmiths’ Hall for assaying and marking. This requirement continues unchanged today and the Company still carries out its statutory function through the operations of The Goldsmiths’ Company Assay Office.

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assayofficelogoAssay Office Birmingham was founded in 1773 to provide assaying (testing) and hallmarking  of precious metal items (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) as required by the Hallmarking Act.

It has been a centre of expert opinion and independent assessment of jewellery and precious metals for nearly 250 years.

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cultured pearl association of america

The Cultured Pearl Association of America, Inc is a non profit group founded in 1957, comprised of the finest manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, dealers and suppliers of Cultured Pearls in the United States.

Their intention is to “cultivate” awareness, interest, demand and successful marketability of Cultured Pearls for the retail community and the consumer level. Through promotion, education, public relations and unwavering commitment we aim to inspire an authentic passion for all Cultured Pearl varieties.

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contemporary jewelleryContemporary jewellery is one of the most dynamic and innovative areas of 21st century craft and design, that inspires and appeals to people of all different backgrounds. We welcome anyone with an interest in contemporary jewellery. Whether your interest is personal or professional, we have something to offer you.

Our members include those who make jewellery, associated designers and craftspeople, educators, students, galleries, museum curators, retailers, critics, collectors, and people who want to learn more about contemporary jewellery.

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british allied trades federation

The British Allied Trades Federation is a national organisation that has been around for 125 years, existing to champion its members, and to help them flourish both in the UK and abroad. The company comprises five trade associations. These represent approximately 2500 enterprises from the jewellery, giftware, surface engineering and travel goods and accessories industry sectors. Membership is made up of micro to medium sized companies, mainly suppliers such as manufacturers, designers, wholesalers, crafts workers, retailers and distributors.

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the society of jewellery historians

The Society of Jewellery Historians was formed in 1977. With the aim of stimulating the growing international interest in jewellery of all ages and cultures. Through publishing new research and by bringing together those seriously interested in the subject. the membership includes historians, archaeologists, museum specialists, collectors, gemmologists, art dealers,  practising jewellers and designers, scientists and restorers, all united by their enthusiasm for the subject.

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