Pearls My Continued Passion

Pearls My Continued Passion

Pearls My Continued Passion


Hello & Welcome!

 How the time fly’s since my last chat with you!


It has been a busy few months creating pretty seasonal windows and themed celebration windows. It seems this year the blossom has looked even more spectacular and the flowers just a riot of colour! This wonderful explosion of colour has been transferred to the cat walks in rich earthy colours, pastels, and floral designs. All crying out for our beautiful pearls! Layering is the key to wearing pearls and jewellery in general this year! Personally I have no objection to be laden with jewels…..



 As usual I am on a train off to my next merchandising adventure! Today I am creating a bridal window for an exclusive pearl designer, Coleman Douglas Pearls.

The vision is to create a window of understated elegance. The pearls I am privileged to handle are of the most glorious quality and design. All of her pearl collections will complement any bridal gown, be it lacy or gothic!

 Here are a few images of her gorgeous pearls! I think you will agree these pearls will add elegance and grace to the gown of choice .

 bridal pearls



bridal pearls

bridal pearls

Pearls are so versatile they will always add that elegant, magical quality to the occasion. Simple pearls on chains, earrings or bracelets are ideal gifts for bridesmaids and maids of honour. I have also seen a great range of smart pearl cufflinks for the chaps; they can not escape the pearl influence!

 bridal pearls



The fascination with pearls has never left me after all these years in the jewellery trade, getting on for 36 years now! Ignited by my first’ real’ piece of jewellery when I was 11 years old.

 My parents and I were living in Cyprus at the time and it was my birthday. Naturally they wanted to know what I should like for my Birthday. Having been a ‘magpie’ from a very early age, I asked if I could have a ring. They thankfully said’ Yes’!


Living in Cyprus was completely different way of life, one in which I thrived! It was like a small episode of ‘The Durrell’s. So it came as no surprise that our milkman Antonius had a family member who was a jeweller.  I remember being so excited about the trip and Antonius had said he would pick us up and take us to the shop. He arrived on time in his milk float! We all got on and in the baking heat and dust we arrived at the jewellers after a very interesting journey, milk floats do not travel at speed!


This was my first time in ‘proper’ jewellers. I remember the gleaming glass cabinets filled with sparkling treasures. Very soft deep chairs and air conditioning, unusual in those days! However, one display caught my eye more than the rest, brimming over with cascades of pearls. (I loved swimming and often wanted to be a mermaid or a pirate!!) So the pearls of the deep appealed to me.


The welcome was amazing and after cold drinks I designed my first ring. It was very simple in 18ct yellow gold with a ‘diamond cut’ circle for the head of the ring (similar to a pleated skirt) and a central Akoya Pearl mounted on a fine shank. It took two weeks to make and another trip in the milk float to collect it!


At that moment my love of jewellery was born and my passion for pearls. I treasured that ring for many years and loved wearing it, sadly it was stolen. However, the memories are not gone and one day I shall have it made again.


Till the next time, enjoy what ever you are doing and make sure it’s a happy memory!


Maria x