Akoya Pearls vs Freshwater Pearls- Big Debate

Akoya Pearls  vs Freshwater Pearls- Big Debate

When it comes to selecting pearls, you may hear a lot about Akoya and freshwater pearls. Whilst you may think that all pearls are the same, there are some stark differences between these types – each with their own unique qualities. We take a look at the differences between the two types of pearls in a bid to help you make your mind up over which you should choose.

Akoya Pearls

One of the main things that you will find about Akoya pearls versus freshwater pearls is the price.

  •  Akoya pearls are certainly more expensive, and this is because it is harder to produce pearls because of the more fragile nature of the mollusc.
  • Grown in the salt waters of Japan, they are known for their perfectly round shape and more lustrous appearance, which makes them perfect for smaller jewellery items or those with more detail.
  • Incredible shine and attractive round shape makes the Akoya pearl the preferred choice for many, but its attractive appearance comes with a heavier price tag.

Freshwater Pearls

  • As their name would suggest, freshwater pearls come from mussels which live in freshwater sources such as lakes and rivers, and the majority of which are cultured in  China.
  • They are easier to produce, although their shape tends to be less perfect than Akoya pearls and less lustrous. However, as farming techniques improve, it is possible to produce far more lustrous freshwater pearls. Thus ,aking them more of a match for their rivals.
  • Another difference between freshwater  and Akoya pearls is that freshwater pearls tend to be more durable,. Due to their harder coating which is almost made completely out of nacre.
  • Freshwater pearls also tend to have more colour variants, if you were looking for a wider range.


Which Should You Choose?

  • Whilst Akoya pearls are naturally more lustrous and rounded, their price makes them unattainable to some people.
  • Freshwater pearls are known for being more economical, as they are cheaper to produce (thanks to their large size capable of producing multiple pearls).
  • Freshwater pearls but may not always be the perfect shape. New farming techniques however are improving the appearance of freshwater pearls, making them a strong competitor to the Akoya.

Whichever  you choose, you can be sure of owning something beautiful and special that makes a truly striking jewellery item. We can help you decide – email us.

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