International Pearl Design Competition

International Pearl Design Competition

What will you Create?

The Cultured Pearl Association Of America is inviting members  to participate in the International Pearl Design Competition.

  • Entries are accepted until SEPTEMBER 17 th 2015.
  • Winners will be announced November 3rd 2015.
  • Winning entries will be on  display during the AGTA and JCK shows in 2016. 
  • The JCK is the leading jewellery event in North America for all jewellery professionals.
  • The JCK is a fantastic networking, educational and promotional event. Visit
  • This competition is a great way to gain international recognition and  exposure for you!


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Celebrating Pearl Design

Celebrating one of the world’s most prized and mysterious gems, this contest invites artistic expression inclusive of all pearl varieties.

Winners will enjoy award designation along with the prestige of recognition from this worldwide event.

For complete contest details visit


There are nine awards to be won in the Competition

  • The Presidents Award – the highest honour award for the overall winner.
  • Lustre Award – the entry that is deemed the most “marketable” , ie the most appeal for the retail market.
  • Designers Award- the entry that takes pearls to the far corners of the imagination and beyond.
  • Brilliance Award for the design  that reflects the spectrum of pearl colours.
  • Orient Award for the design that inspires a new found affinity in pearls.
  • The visionary Award for the design that redefines the classic pearl strand.
  • Wedding Day Pearls.
  • The Fantasy Award for fun, fresh and modern designs.
  • Fantasy Award for the conceptual, innovative and aspirational design.

The Cultured Pearl Association of America

The organisation was founded in 1957 and comprises the finest retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers and dealers of cultured pearls in the United States. Their aim is to “cultivate” awareness, interest, demand and successful marketability of cultured pearls of the retail community and at consumer level. Through

  • promotion
  • education
  • public relations
  • commitment to inspire an authentic passion for all cultured pearl varieties.


 Let us know if you want to enter! Good Luck!