Maria Pennington Member Profile

Maria Pennington Member Profile


Member Profile: Maria Pennington

Maria Pennington is a Professional Jeweller, Trainer and Merchandiser to the Jewellery Trade. Maria is very passionate about pearls and the Jewellery trade having been a Jeweller, Buyer and Merchandiser for the last 35 years.  Maria has recently set up her own business offering the following key services:

1) Creating effective window display and visual counter and cabinet display.

2) Brand building, developing and enhancement.

3) Facilitating and developing bespoke training requirements covering all areas of pearl jewellery and jewellery retail.

4) Event management . Maria will advise or help create your bespoke customer event or promotion, for example cocktail evenings, afternoon tea with lecture etc.

In Maria’s words-

“The reason why I set this up is because often jewellers are so busy doing all the necessary day to day work. Sometimes the basic but vital areas like window display and merchandising get forgotten. I enjoy taking on these things and I am more than happy to visit maybe once a month or when I am needed to refresh and work with the client on their requirements and development.”

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