Unique “Fish” Pearl

Unique “Fish” Pearl
If you are looking for a unique pearl – this “fish” pearl is for you! This spectacular specimen
not only captures the organic and unique way pearls are formed but the magic that has always underlined a pearls’ creation. Pearls are the only gemstones in the world that are extracted from living animals (molluscs).
Just the likeness to a fish is remarkable and I am always in awe of how beautiful nature can be. Pearls are formed when an intruder enters the mollusc and then to protect itself it covers the irritant with nacre.  In the case of the “fish” pearl, the process is entirely natural and a true miracle of nature. It was “born” with a beautiful lustre, iridescence and a soft, pink glow.
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The History of this “Fish” Pearl

The history surrounding this pearl is an intriguing one.  The owner’s father bought a bag of pearls from a trader in Beirut in 1960, and in this bag was this little fish of nacre.
During all these years, his  father kept this pearl in his office, as a souvenir of Lebanon ….
But it will remain a mystery how this pearl arrived in Beirut in 1960. How this pearl this crossed the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea remains a mystery.
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The Specification

This freshwater natural pearl has been examined by the French Gemology Laboratory in Paris.
The results of the analysis shows that it is a natural freshwater pink pearl.
 Natural  pearl of 2.13 Carats
  •  21.3 x 6.2 x 2.8 mm

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X-ray -The Evidence

 The X-ray shows the successive layers of nacre without any presence of nucleus.
It is the perfect likeness of a fish and  is a beautiful coincidence of nature. (the resemblance is perfect for 2 sides of the pearl ). 
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It is an extremely rare and a beautiful, lustrous specimen. For further enquiries , please contact info@britishpearlassociation.com