How to Wow Your Customers with Pearls

How to Wow Your Customers with Pearls

Hello again and welcome to 2017!

I hope you enjoy my latest instalment of my infamous blog- Pearls My Continued Passion

Like so many of us, I have been extremely busy into the lead up to Christmas and into the New Year. It was particularly lovely as Christmas windows are magical to design. I work with several wonderful shops up and down the country, enjoying tailoring their individual styles to their windows.

Wow Your Customers with Pearls

All my windows are my favourites! From the traditional ‘cosy’ Christmas window with red,gold and green baubles, seasonal foliage and snow to the ultra modern scene in metallic colours of steel, gold and rose with a good dose of  twinkling lights! Each of my windows reflects my client’s image and the message they wish to convey. There is never a dull moment, lots of fun on the way to achieving ‘the look’.

How your shop windows look conveys a lot to the public who you are and what you are as a company. The power of the window can not be under estimated. They reflect you. I fully realise that running a shop, buying beautiful things, customer care and managing a team, often the windows are the last thing on the list to deal with! However with a little thought and planning plus a good sprinkle of imagination your windows can look professional and cared for.

Pretty Pearl Windows

Here are a few suggestions to help you get your windows off to a great start this 2017! Some of which is very basic but often neglected….

  • Keep them clean and tidy
  • Hire a window cleaner regularly who will not only clean windows inside and out but will also wash wood work and doors etc on show to the public.
  • Designate staff members to be responsible for certain window areas
  • Plan your windows to coincide with promotions and seasons
  • Check windows at certain times during the day not just first thing in the morning
  • Always make the public smile! Use colour, themes and thought provoking messages


Photo courtesy of Oliver & J Jewellery

Isn’t this window amazing? It looks so fresh and inviting and makes me want to go in and try on those pretty pearls. What do you think?

Drop me a line  via the BPA as you can imagine the above is only the tip of the iceberg! It’s great to share and exchange knowledge, we always can learn something new.

Christmas Magic

Before Christmas I visited London and was overwhelmed by the beautiful windows and lights of Bond Street, Fortnum & Masons and Harrods. I would recommend to everyone to have a visit to be inspired, delighted and made to feel ‘like a child’ again. The atmosphere created by these sparkling, colourful, magical windows is truly spectacular.

We must all try and create’ magic’ in our shop windows and inside our stores. Not just for Christmas but everyday. Happy staff creates a happy atmosphere hence giving good customer service which naturally leads to cheerful customers who wish to participate and purchase something gorgeous! Simple but true.

I think 2017 is going to be exciting. Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon planning my year of merchandising, consulting and loads of WI talks! I love the New Year with its new challenges and projects. Meeting new people is always a plus, exploring and finding wonderful pearls is also a plus! These things make my work a privilege and a joy!

Jewellery and Watch 2017

The next event on the horizon apart from romantic Valentines windows is the NEC jewellery and watch fair. I always enjoy these exhibitions whether it is at Olympia, Basel world or the NEC. It’s a great opportunity to find something new and catch up with old friends and make new ones in the Jewellery family!

This year I am going with a wonderful team of friends who like myself can not wait to explore and discover some wonderful new Pearls. If you are visiting the NEC and feel that the odd pearl or two will liven up a drab wintry few months, then I would suggest before you buy consider the following ‘top tips’. Most I am sure you will do anyway but you might find something of interest!

Buying Tips for Pearls

Appraise your stock before you go. Identify gaps in price range and design.

  1. Make a stock list of what you need to replace. You then can get on discovering the new ranges knowing your ‘core range’ is dealt with.
  2. Consider fashion trends and forecasts for the next few months.
  3. Consider your audience and location. What do you represent as a Company?
  4. Pearls cover a multitude of occasions from Bridal to Christenings.
  5. Anniversaries not just 30 years!
  6. Always have a variety of pearls from Freshwater (more reasonable) to Akoya and South Sea.
  7. Have well trained staff who understands about all aspects of pearls, this helps with buying the correct quality. Read up and brush up your knowledge!
  8. Most importantly buy what you need and what sells, NOT what you like. This contributes to over stocking. Remember when you buy you consider what other people may like not you personally. (It does help if you like it though!)
  9. If you can when everything else has been considered buy some pieces which will ‘liven’ up the window. You want to be individual.
  10. Focus the buying then you do not waste your hard earned money.

Pearls are like people, they are individuals, available in all their wonderful shapes, sizes and shades of colour. There will be a pearl to match most peoples requirements and comfortable spend. Never be afraid to suggest a beautiful pearl as a gift.

I do hope your 2017 will be healthy, happy and successful, in that order! Concentrate on the positive and all good things will come to you.

Till the next time,

Maria x