PEARLS: A Personal Account of My Continued Passion

Hello and Welcome to my latest blog post about the power of pearls and why I just love them so much.

I do hope you all had a wonderful Easter despite the gales, rainfall and general bad weather across the country. For those of us which had a little sunshine, what a treat!

(Maybe better than chocolate eggs!?).

Throughout my career I have been asked many times, “Why do you like pearls so much?” .It is never a simple or short answer!!

Why I love Pearls?

Pearls are simply part of my life; I could not imagine a day without them. Quietly elegant, flattering to all, most definitely sassy and versatile, these beautiful organic gems can be worn for every occasion. I have made truly wonderful friends over a table of pearls. When we meet we often share our ‘Pearl Memories’ and the excitement of choosing the ‘right’ pearl piece. (My friends giggled when they found out that I even have a pair of tiny Cultured Pearl earrings to wear for my yoga classes!) Simply they are my Gem soul mate!

Most ladies will identify how manic mornings can be! Getting ready for work, making breakfast, the school run and of course attending to our partners (they never can find their socks, packed lunch etc…) who has time to REALLY think about jewellery for the day! That’s where the ‘Perfect Pearl’ comes to the rescue. No need to think, classy, chic, an instant glamour hit! What ever your wardrobe of the day, pearls will look great!

Pearls are the Business!

If your job requires a formal wardrobe, pearls make an impressive statement. Have you noticed many ladies in influential positions all wear pearls? You only have to look at Hilary Clinton, Michelle Obama and our own Royal Family, to mention a few, to recognise ‘The Power of the Pearl’. Whether the pearls are a simple classic row nestling in the neck with matching earrings or a magnificent South Sea Pearl on a pretty chain, Pearls will make a lasting impression.

Because there is so much variety in the ‘Pearl Family’ be it colour or shape, freshwater, akoya, or South Sea there will be a pearl for you to blend with your style and fashion.

pearls, british pearl association

Pearls are relaxed and versatile

The versatility of the pearl knows no bounds. When our working heels are kicked off and we are ready to relax, pearls add that ‘little extra’ to a white T shirt and jeans or tailored shirt. I really like wearing my shirts with pearl cufflinks and pretty soft grey Tahitian earrings with matching necklace. Even though I am casual, I feel great in them. The value of a pearl is so much more discreet, it’s like wearing a huge secret! If you opt for a longer rope of pearls then you will find them invaluable to your styling, the different looks you can create simple by knotting the rope or twisting is amazing. Often you can get three or four looks from one strand!

britih pearl association, celebrities in pearls

Pretty Pearls!

Pearls not only add to our clothes styling but also add to our complexions. These amazing gems lift and rejuvenate our faces by reflecting their own lustre onto our skins making us radiant! It is so important to choose the correct pearl which matches your skin tone. The pearl has to be seen but not be so obvious that all you see is the pearls, surprisingly !The pearl and you have to compliment each other, that way you will get the most from your pearls. The basic rule is white and pink pearls look great on paler complexions where as those of us who have darker skin tones creams and gold’s will look fabulous. However, there are always exceptions to the rule!

Influential Pearls!

Pearls throughout history have been linked to wealth and power, used as currency, funded Roman Legions and adorned some of the most famous ears and necks in history! Our own Elizabeth 1st owned over 3,000 pearl encrusted dresses (however, I have it on very good authority that some of the ‘Pearls’ were made from Venetian hand painted glass beads to resemble pearls). She also owned over 80 pearl encrusted wigs. They do not call the Pearl ‘Queen of Gems ‘for nothing! The oldest Pearl Jewellery discovered was inside the tomb of a Persian Princess dating back to 420 BC. This maybe viewed in the Louvre in Paris.

Pearls are Always in Fashion!

Pearls have NEVER been out of Fashion! 2016 is proving to be a ‘Pearl Year’. This years fashion notes reminisceent of the 1950’s call for sophisticated pearls, the soft hippy chic styles encourages more light and colourful freshwater pearls and for the ‘Rock Chicks’ amongst us what could be better than Tahitian Pearls on leather or to wear several strands complete with biker jacket! The choice as they say ‘is yours’ and what a choice!

I was recently on a photo shoot at a wonderful house in the country (more next time about that adventure) and took some of my vintage Pearl brooches. Hope you like the images. I wear them dressed up or down, they all work beautifully ,these pieces have definitely not lost their lustre or style !


british pearl association, pearls

pearls, british pearl association

1. Conch Pearl Acorn set in 18ct yellow gold 1950’s

2. Cushion shaped seed Pearl edged Victorian mourning brooch

3. Georgian Garnet and seed Pearl tiny dress brooch.

Till the next time,


Yours passionate about Pearls Maria x