Pearls – My Continued Passion

Hello and Welcome!

It’s been a while I know since we last chatted but it’s been a rather busy last couple of months!

Summer Pearls

As summer try’s to visit this lovely country of ours in all to shorter bursts, some us will be thinking of travelling to sunnier destinations! Part of the excitement or headache is deciding what to pack! The thrill of selecting a lighter wardrobe in cool, finer fabrics, all linked together with flip flops and sun hat is so appealing! What better jewels to compliment those warm days and sultry evenings than pearl jewellery.

These wonderful precious pearls are so adaptable! Boho chic or sexy and sophisticated, these will work with all your holiday outfits. You need not take a treasure box of jewels away with you (think of the security) when you can take a small family of pearls and make them work hard with each out fit!

Layering rows of pearls in different lengths always causes interest. This look creates a casual but indulgent image! Stacked bracelets around the wrist or ankles also are very effective. The beautiful combinations of freshwater colours in all their softness will always make a woman feel very feminine. However, do not get them wet or cover them in sun screen!!!

Celebrities Love Pearls

June was rather hectic being ‘The Pearl’ month! I was lucky enough to design and merchandise a pretty window in Cambridge. It was made even more special as the Duchess of Cambridge is a lover of pearls. We featured her centrally surrounded by other ‘Pearly Girls’ on a black and white image in the window. Marilyn Monroe in her famous Mikimoto single strand, Audrey Hepburn in her extravagant rows of pearls from the film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, Elizabeth Taylor , Sophia Loren to name but a few!

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My clients Pearls are very beautiful so they took centre stage in the window, cascading down like a pearl waterfall, delicately highlighted with white, pale pink and hot pink roses and green foliage. These colours not only complimented the large variety of pearls but worked well with the shops ‘House’ colours of black, cream and burgundy.


On the very first day of the ‘pearl window’ they sold a significant pair of pearl and diamond stud earrings! The display had paid for itself!

Wimbledon Windows

Apart from beautiful pearl windows, I have been busy designing’ Wimbledon’ themed windows!!

These windows were great fun to do and a pure reflection of the team and people who own this very friendly and happy shop. Naturally, I set about laying the lawn in the windows and internal cabinets! I had some tennis rackets made in miniature and a net plus the Rolex clock made to add to the tennis court! With a finishing touch of strawberries and tennis balls the window was complete! Anyone for tennis? I am now on the train to take these lovely windows out and re dress for summer. I shall let you know how I get on! One window will be based on a vintage style beach theme and the other is a picnic theme.

Take care for now and enjoy your summer!

Maria x

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